Memorial Tribute Frank Panzone

David’s Dream and Believe Cancer Foundation would like to extend our deepest sympathy to Joyce, Jill, Kristin and the rest of the Panzone family with the passing of Frank Panzone. Frank and the rest of the family have been one of the biggest supporters of our little cancer foundation since day one. We would not have been able to help over 50 families in just 2 years without their tremendous support. We wish we were not in a position be a recipient of a memorial tribute donation from the Panzone family but we are truly honored to accept donations in memory of Frank. DD&BCF will inform the Panzone family of every donation made on behalf of Frank as well as every gift contribution the Foundation makes thanks to the generosity of their family and friends. God Bless!

Below is from Jillian Panzone:

A memorial service for Frank Panzone will be held on Monday, December 3, 2012 at 11 am at St. Mary of the Pines in Manahawkin, NJ. In lieu of flowers, memorial tributes may be made in Frank’s honor to David’s Dream & Believe Cancer Foundation, 28 Magnolia Road, Manahawkin, NJ 08050 or St. Francis of Assisi Parish or St Francis Center 4700 Long Beach Boulevard Brant Beach, NJ 08008 (*we are parishioners of St.Francis, due to devastation of Hurricane Sandy, the mass will be held at St. Mary of the Pine’s)



We want to wish everyone a Very Happy Thanksgiving. We know that so many of our friends and supporters have been affected by hurricane sandy and our thoughts and prayers are with all of you. We remain in constant contact with those patients burdened by the financial strains of a cancer diagnosis as well as those families now dealing with the affects of hurricane sandy on top of a cancer diagnosis.

David’s Dream and Believe Cancer Foundation is based on the core beliefs of kindness, generosity of spirit, faith, hope and love. We have seen so many shining examples of these beliefs within our community during this most difficult time that it only inspires us to reach even greater heights for those friends and neighbors struggling right now.

DD&BCF is blessed and thankful for YOU!

Happy Thanksgiving!


For the Love of my Daughter

We were recently introduced to Heather Von St James. We told her we would share her story as well as some information below regarding

Community members often vow to help a family raise a child. My pregnancy progressed without complications until the time of delivery, at which time I required an emergency C-section. I gave birth to my baby on August 4th, 2005. Immediately after her birth, my family and I were surrounded by parents, siblings, and numerous friends. We were thrilled to introduce our new daughter, Lily. Everything was wonderful. However, this was only the calm before the storm.

After a pleasant maternity leave, I returned back to work. I felt fine except for increasing fatigue that eventually left me with no energy. I also had difficulty breathing. I assumed that my body required more recovery time, but I made an appointment with my physician for a professional opinion. I endured a battery of tests before physicians arrived at a conclusion. I received the life altering news on November 21, 2005. I was diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer. A malignancy caused from exposure to asbestos. I learned I had suffered exposure three decades earlier, but it took that long before the symptoms began to show.

Physicians told me I had less than 15 months to live if the condition went untreated. I thought about my baby girl growing up without a mother. I thought about my husband raising her alone. Given the potentially fatal diagnosis, my husband and I agreed upon immediate radical treatment. We boarded a plane for Boston. Trusting the expertise of the oncologist, I had my affected lung removed in February. The surgery and recovery required that I spend three weeks in the hospital. After another eight weeks of recuperation time, I began chemotherapy followed by radiation. I did not perceive that my adult life and starting a family would be without tribulations, but this was far more traumatic than anyone could have anticipated.

My husband and I could not have survived without the assistance, care, and thoughts of family and friends. People we barely knew, or had not seen in years, stepped in to help where we needed it. Ironically, those we depended on the most failed us in our time of need. While my husband and I spent the required time in Boston, Lily stayed with her maternal grandparents. A network of caring people stepped forward to assist them too. Children I cared for as an adolescent, and now grown, gleefully offered to babysit while my parents worked. We received loving support from people I had known as a child. New friendships developed as we met families enduring the same nightmare. The people who enveloped us were the ones who sustained us daily.

Time passed, and my baby was growing quickly. I missed seeing her take that first bite of food and learning to crawl. My parents, back in South Dakota, kept us abreast of Lily’s progress through emails containing black and white photographs. My loving husband located a printer and provided me with copies that I proudly shared with hospital staff. I fought back the tears at not being able to hold her, but kept reminding myself that in the long run, Lily would have her mother. I knew she was receiving the best of care and probably getting a little bit spoiled. Lily and my parents remain close though many miles lie between us.

Though I would prefer never to have suffered from mesothelioma cancer, the lessons along the way make us that much stronger and thankful. My little family and I now treasure life, as we appreciate its delicacy and unpredictability. We also learned to accept the bad with the good because undesired events and tragedies often bring a mountain of blessings.

Heather Von St James is a 43-year-old wife and mother. Upon her diagnosis of mesothelioma, she vowed to be a source of hope for other patients who found themselves with the same diagnosis. Now, over 6 years later, her story has been helping people all over the globe. She continues her advocacy and awareness work by blogging, speaking and sharing her message of hope and healing with others. Check out her story at the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Blog.

Semi-Annual Update Summer 2012

Dear Friends,

David’s Dream and Believe Cancer Foundation (DD&BCF) would like to use this semi-annual update to inform you of a major change to our mission statement. Also, we have news from our 2 major sponsors JETTY and Mud City Crab House. Please see the list of upcoming events and the 6 attachments. DD&BCF would like to welcome all of our newest supporters to the Foundation and thank the ones that have been with us from the beginning because we would not be able to help our patients/families in need without all of YOU!

First and foremost, it was unanimously agreed upon and approved at the annual Board of Director’s meeting that we revise our mission statement as follows: David’s Dream and Believe Cancer Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that raises funds to provide financial assistance to families affected by a cancer diagnosis to help them offset the costs of physician visits, treatments, medications, lodging and transportation. We have removed the research funding portion of our past mission statement. It is our belief that DD&BCF is best suited for helping those patients/families burdened by the financial strains of a cancer diagnosis. This belief is driven from the heart of our founder, echoed by its directors and confirmed by our growing army of supporters/sponsors! We remind you of a quote from our founder that he read a while back, “Kindness is the Shadow of God in Man”! Once again, these examples of GIVING are only made possible by the large shadows being cast by our supporters! The 3 examples below are just a small glimpse of our renewed mission towards patients/families.


  1. Mother diagnosed for a 2nd time with breast cancer. Shortly after diagnosis, her house burned to the ground.  DD&BCF helped to pay for living in a local hotel for her, her husband and their 5 year old son.
  2. Mother of 5 battling breast cancer while husband (ambulance driver) takes off work to attend to her and the kids. Family was served an attorney eviction letter on a Friday. DD&BCF showed up on Saturday paying 3 months past due rent and one month forward.
  3. 16 year old girl battling osteosarcoma and in need of a partial lungectomy needed to travel from PA to MD Anderson Hospital in Houston, TX by car with mother and 2 other siblings. A cancer retreat, a lower cost lodging option they had chosen, was 2 hours from the hospital. DD&BCF secured lodging 1.5 miles from Hospital with free shuttles to the hospital and free breakfasts for the entire trip.


  1. Saturday July 14TH, Gilbert Gottfried Comedy Show benefit at Longshot’s.
  2. Saturday August 4TH, Fourth Annual JETTY Coquina Jam.
  3. September 2012, “Girls Night Out and Live Bachelor Auction”, date and place TBD.
  4. Wednesday October 24th, Second Annual Crabbin For A Cure at Mud City Crab House.

Gilbert Gottfried:

Longshot’s restaurant and bar in Waretown, NJ is kindly donating all proceeds from the 10:30 comedy show of Gilbert Gottfried on
Saturday July 14, 2012. Please see attached flyer for details and contact us directly for tickets at

JETTY Coquina Surf Jam:

Simply put, this event last year breathed new life and positive energy into the Foundation and it’s a distinct possibility that DD&BCF would not be here today had it not been for this 2011 event. This is a female surf contest that benefits DD&BCF which in return donates gift
contributions to local breast cancer patients in need. Please see attachments regarding this event including a press release, sponsorship form and flyer. We would ask that you consider sharing this press release and flyer with your friends and business associates. Also, please consider becoming a sponsor for this great event whether it is a t-shirt, business or new this year (In Honor – In Memory) real estate signs which will be displayed on the beach.

Girls Night Out & Live Bachelor Auction:

September 2012. This is currently a work in progress. Please contact our Secretary Joyce DeGregorio
with any questions, suggestions or bachelors?

Crabbin for a Cure:

This event was born out of a dinner amongst some friends at Mud City Crab House and within 30 days “Crabbin for a Cure” took place and in excess of $17,000.00 was raised for DD&BCF. This far exceeded our wildest expectations and has quickly become a signature event for
DD&BCF along with the JETTY Coquina Surf Jam and now our Cruisin for a Cure. We have been receiving requests for tickets as soon as the day after last year’s event. Co-owners of Mud City Crab House Melanie & Eric Magaziner and Bob & Gina Nugent have opened up the tickets for this year’s event. Please see the attached Crabbin letter from Melanie and sponsor forms. We would ask that you consider sharing Melanie’s letter and our sponsor form with your friends and business associates. Tickets for this year’s event are going to sell out rapidly!

Lastly we are committed to help those patients/families burdened by the financial strains of a cancer diagnosis. However, our commitment is only fueled by the generosity of our individual and corporate sponsors. Please take a minute to share the attachments in this email with your contacts, find us on Facebook and visit our website for updates on giving.


More Local Help!

We ventured out to help more dreamers & believers today! On top of delivering some financial assistance, we were also able to bring pizza (Joeys’ Pizza & Pasta) & Crab Cakes (Mud City Crab House) thanks to two, local businesses who always support DD&BCF!. Please remember that attending our events and supporting this 501(C)3 charitable organization is what allows us to help so many people! Check out AJ & Nicholas…they looked pretty stoked!

Summer Dreaming 2012

Dear Friends,
We want to take this opportunity to update you on our 2 most recent events, post a picture of our Cruisin shirts that are on sale right now and give you a preview of upcoming events and dates.

KENTUCKY: Tim Hall, Lindsey Kunze and David completed the Louisville Kentucky Derby ½ marathon on Saturday morning 4/28 and attended a fundraiser in Lexington for DD&BCF on Saturday night. This event was created by Tim and Janice Hall’s daughter Ashley and was attended by family, co-workers and friends from the community and church. It was great for us to bring our mission to Kentucky and we were even able to help a woman struggling through a 2nd bout of breast cancer whose house had just burned down and was living in a hotel with her kids and husband.

CRUISIN: We need to start by thanking our chairperson Kathleen Ryan for creating this event and managing every aspect of this event for DD&BCF. She has created something incredible that will be in our stable of fundraising events for many years to come and we are so grateful and appreciative of her tremendous efforts. The weather did not fully cooperate but that didn’t dampen the spirits of nearly 35 motorcycles, 15 classic cars, volunteers, sponsors and guests. We need to thank Barnegat Police Department and specifically Kathleen Ryan’s husband Jeff, Long Beach Twp. Officer Gary Gore for leading the procession, Waretown Police Department and New Jersey State Police including our friend Eric Schmitt for orchestrating a NJSP Helicopter flyover. Also, we want to thank Longshot’s and the Brother Pete Band. We added our Jetty created Cruisin shirts to our t-shirt page for $15.00 (you may also message us about purchasing them). The day prior to the event, our secretary Joyce DeGregorio and David visited a woman battling breast cancer in Toms River with her husband and 5 children. They had been served a legal notice that they were being evicted due to their rent being 3 months behind. Thanks to the generosity of the DD&BCF faithful; the family will not be going anywhere!

GIVING: Most importantly, we want to update you on the progress of our gift contributions since the inception of DD&BCF in 2010. The following accomplishments are only made possible by the generosity of our sponsors and donors. Our giving began in January 2011 and has resulted in 25 gift contributions to 24 people from age 13 to 76 including 14 different states.

1. Friday June 1ST, Relay For Life of Manahawkin benefits ACS. Team David’s Dream and Believers.
2. Saturday July 14TH, Gilbert Gottfried Comedy Show, DD&BCF benefit at Longshot’s.
3. Saturday August 4TH, 4th Annual JETTY Coquina Jam.
4. Wednesday October 24th, 2nd Annual Crabbin For A Cure at Mud City Crab House.
5. COMING SOON – Climbin For A Cure, February 2013!!!

Lastly, our website is being revised again to keep you better updated on gift contributions, upcoming events and blogs on past events as well as pictures, videos and articles featuring DD&BCF. We ask you to please share our website with your friends, family and coworkers. It’s only through an energized community that we can and will make a difference in our fight against this dreaded disease. We thank you for your continued support. Dream and Believe!!!

Cruisn for a Cure LST

Answering the Call!

We have several events planned for 2012 and just wrapped up our first annual “Let the Goodtimes Bowl” event in Manahawkin, NJ. Our “Call to Action” at the beginning of the year has been answered by many individuals in our community. Our President Tim Hall’s daughter Ashley, answered the call and is holding a local fundraiser in Lexington, KY after her father, Lindsey Kunze, a few other friends & David run a 1/2 marathon in Louisville on Saturday, April 28th. David has raced this 1/2 marathon many times with Tim, but this race will be extra special for so many reasons.

The following weekend, on Sunday, May 6th, Kathleen Ryan, who also answered the call, is holding a motorcycle & classic car ride “Cruisin’ for a Cure” starting in Barnegat, NJ and ending at Longshots in Waretown, NJ.

We will again be participating in the Manahawkin Relay for Life on Friday June 1st. Deb Mella is the captain of our team and answered the call as the top fundraiser at last year’s event and is on track to win that title again this year.

The Jetty sponsored 4th Annual Coquina Jam female surf contest on Saturday, August 4th will again benefit local breast cancer patients in our community.

Lastly, we will finish the year off with our extremely popular and successful “Crabbin’ for a Cure” benefit at Mud City Crab House.

In addition, we’d like to thank Cathie Banas (31 Gifts) & The Irons Family who are both donating to DD&BCF this month!   Stay tuned for additional details on all of these great events and thank you so much to those who have answered our “Call to Action“!

A Great Start to 2012

Dear Friends,

I would like bring you up to date on a couple items.

First, I’ve accepted a temporary position with American Cancer Society and I start Monday, January 30th! I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity and I’m looking forward to working for such a wonderful organization.

That being said, I will be stepping down as President from David’s Dream and Believe Cancer Foundation DD&BCF. I will always serve as Founder and will serve for the next two years as Vice President. I will remain actively involved in the Foundation but will take a step back from the day to day activities. We thought it was the right thing to do for myself and American Cancer Society. The great news for me is that Tim Hall will serve as President for the next two years and that only means greater heights for the Foundation under his guidance. My mom Joan Caldarella will remain on the board and we are very pleased to announce the addition of 2 new board members. We would like to welcome Jeremy DeFilippis as Treasurer and Joyce DeGregorio as Secretary. Tim, my mom and I could not be happier to have these two people joining the board. Collectively, we look forward to working alongside all of you: “Saving Lives by Fighting Cancer Together”!

Jeremy is co-owner of Jetty and his first suggestion for us was to encourage our supporters to send us pictures of family, friends and pets wearing our DD&BCF T-shirts. Please email pictures to: We will rotate these pictures on the main page of our website. We want to thank Nardi’s Tavern & Jetty for putting together our first fundraiser for 2012. We raised $760.00 on a Saturday night in January on LBI. We cannot thank our supporters enough for coming out time and time again. We are currently planning a February “bowl a thon” and will be posting details on our website soon. We want to thank the many individuals who have reached out so far regarding local fundraising ideas benefitting DD&BCF. We are excited and humbled by all of your support. Stay tuned to our website for details on Coquina Jam and Crabbin for a Cure 2012. Details coming soon!

Dream and Believe,

2012 Call To Action

Dear Friends,

David ended the year with a Winter Wrap Up. I’d like to piggy back on his Wrap Up with a look forward into 2012. However, let’s take one final glance over our shoulder at 2011 to reflect on what we accomplished together in the first year of David’s Dream and Believe Cancer Foundation. We closed the year with over 75% of funding going directly to cancer patients and research. In addition to this giving, your support helped us become established as a fully accredited 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was able to plan and execute four significant fundraising events that generated charitable donations in excess of $45,000. Thanks and congratulations to all who had a hand in these accomplishments.

Looking forward, I refer to David’s “2012 Call to Action”.

David made the following request:
“I’m asking YOU (our supporters) to get creative and hold your own fundraising activities on behalf of DD&BCF from now until our 2nd Annual DD&BCF LBI Summer Kick off BBQ in June 2012 (Exact Date TBD). The Foundation will lend as much additional support as needed including our 501(c)(3) documentation, informational flyers, t-shirts and wristbands.”

Here in Kentucky, Ashley, Janice and I are going to accept David’s challenge and plan a Bonfire Barbecue event for the last Saturday in April (4/28/12). This is the Saturday before the Kentucky Derby and the Saturday when the Derby Festival Mini-Marathon is run. If all goes as planned, the Bonfire Barbecue will be a celebration of a 13.1 mile trek that Dave and myself will have made that day. If you are inclined to join us in Kentucky for the race or bonfire, mark your calendars now. Stay tuned for more details.

The Bonfire Barbecue is our response to David’s Call to Action. Our vision for this event is to generate relationships with new supporters to help advance the DD&BCF mission. Some additional ideas to think about as you consider David’s Call to Action . . . bake sales, garage sales, car washes, pancake breakfasts, dinners, racing (run, bike, tri), Super Bowl party, silent auctions, bowl-a-thons, classrooms collecting Coins for a Cure, dress down days/jeans to work for a contribution/fee, sports cap/jersey to school/work for a contribution/fee, email/letter campaigns, etc.

If you decide to organize an event, Please email us at  so we can help you realize your unique vision for supporting the mission of DD&BCF. We have T-shirts, adult/kids wrist bands and we are developing an informational flyer for ease of communicating the DD&BCF mission. Lastly, David hopes to be able to join you at your event whenever it is feasible.

We look forward to 2012 and partnering with you to bring Hope and Faith to those ready to Dream and Believe.

Tim Hall