1st Annual Winter Wrap-Up

David's Dream and Believe Cancer Foundation White Logo

David's Dream and Believe Cancer Foundation White Logo

It has been an extremely busy year and we want to take this opportunity to provide a few updates regarding David’s Dream & Believe Cancer Foundation (DD&BCF).
As an aside, this blog and all additional DD&BCF information can now be found on our newly revamped website at https://www.davidsdreamandbelieve.org/ . We want to thank Michael Schratz and his team of designers as well as Jeremy Defilippis from Jetty for all their support with the redesigned website.

Charitable Gift Contributions:

There was no question in my mind as to where we would start this final update for 2011. I’ve been very fortunate to have given a few speeches at Bristol Myers Squibb and American Cancer Society throughout this past year as well as visiting many individuals/families affected with a cancer diagnosis. I’ve recited this quote from author Kahlil Gibran each time “Kindness is the shadow of God in Man”! This was never more evident than during my battle with stage IV oropharyngeal cancer last year. It occurred again this year by the selfless giving of the many donors, sponsors, volunteers and supporters of DD&BCF. I’m humbled to announce that in our first year of existence, YOU have made it possible for DD&BCF to deliver $15,000.00 to cancer research and an additional $30,000.00 has gone directly to individual cancer patients and their families fighting this dreaded disease.

These charitable donations have reached individual patients in NJ, NY, PA, CT, FL, IL, OR, TX and Costa Rica. We have been recommended to patients by Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Patient Advocate Foundation and Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

DD&BCF Organizational Item:

We want to take this opportunity to acknowledge the outstanding efforts of Meigan Kelly, Kevin Price, Carmelo Malatino, Pat Manzi and John Shamsey over the past year. We would not be where we are today as a foundation without your selfless dedication and we look forward to your continued support of DD&BCF. Today, Timothy A. Hall serves as Vice- President & Treasurer and Joan Caldarella is the secretary for the Foundation.

DD&BCF “2012 Call To Action”:

It has always been my goal to hold only one DD&BCF event per year and now with the help of Jetty and Mud City – that has become a reality. I’m asking YOU (our supporters) to get creative and hold your own fundraising activities on behalf of DD&BCF from now until our 2nd Annual DD&BCF LBI Summer Kick off BBQ June 2012 (Exact Date TBD). Please email any ideas and proposed dates for future events to info@davidsdreamandbelieve.org. I will try to attend as many of these events as possible. The Foundation will lend as much additional support as needed including our 501c3 documentation, informational flyers, t-shirts and wristbands. You can always just show up at the BBQ and make a donation! The weekend of April 28th is booked for Louisville, KY. I will be attending a “Bonfire Benefit BBQ” put on by 8th grader Ashley Hall.

DD&BCF, Jetty & Mud City Crab House:

I was asked by friend and co-owner of Jetty (Jeremy DeFilippis) for DD&BCF to be a part of the Coquina Jam in August. The Coquina Jam is an all-female surf contest that raises money for breast cancer. Jeremy and co-owner Cory Higgins wanted DD&BCF involved so the money raised could go directly to 3 local and courageous women at various stages of their battle with breast cancer. The event went off flawlessly with some incredible surfing, positive vibes all day and most importantly a wonderful turnout regarding donations. Thanks to Jetty, its sponsors and over 500+ people on the beach that day – we were able to fundraise 7 times the amount from the previous year bringing the total donations to over $8,000.00.
See you August 2012 for the 4th Annual Coquina Jam.

On or about October 1st, I was having dinner at Mud City Crab House with Jeremy, Melanie and Eric Magaziner who are co-owners of Mud City Crab House. Jetty and DD&BCF just completed a successful joint venture for the Coquina Jam and I wanted to share my thoughts on the future for DD&BCF. Melanie and Eric expressed their interest in creating an event to benefit DD&BCF because they had a dear friend battling cancer in need of financial assistance. Not to mention, Eric is a fellow survivor and I had many conversations with Eric about our shared but different battles with cancer. He and Melanie have first-hand experience with not only the physical assault on your body that takes place after a cancer diagnosis but the emotional trials that are just as formidable a foe during a cancer battle. We agreed to put on a tri-sponsored (Mud City, Jetty and DD&BCF) event at Mud City with the help of co-owners Ginna and Bob Nugent. The 1st Annual Crabbin For A Cure event took place less than 30 days later. Thanks are due to the co-owners of Mud City especially Eric/Melanie who were dealing with some unexpected and serious health issues of Eric’s right up until days/hours before the event; despite these circumstances, Eric was in the kitchen the entire night of the event. The staff, volunteers, sponsors and attendees who made this event a reality, with only 30 days’ notice, are responsible for over $17,000.00 in donations. See you November 2012 for the 2nd Annual Crabbin for a Cure.

The union of DD&BCF, Jetty and Mud City Crab House proved to be an unstoppable and positive force of energy. We cannot thank you and your staffs enough for supporting the Foundation and our mission. We look forward to “Saving Lives by Fighting Cancer Together”!

Personal Note:

Lastly, I want to personally thank the individual patients and families affected by cancer that have welcomed me into their homes and I’ve talked to on the phone over the past year. Your Courage, Hope, Love and Faith inspires me on a daily basis.

Dream and Believe,

David Christian Caldarella
President and Founder
David’s Dream and Believe Cancer Foundation

A Note from Tim Hall:

I am amazed by what David and the supporters of DD&BCF achieved since December 2011. From the kick off gathering to the most recent Crabbin for a Cure event, the foundation has been able to make a difference in the lives of many people. With the contributions received, we have had a chance to witness Dave and DD&BCF provide Hope to people in what some might consider hopeless situations. Without Hope, giving in comes too quickly. With Hope, people are inspired and battles are won!

I feel blessed to be so close to something that is touching the hearts of people in need. We hope you will join us in maintaining the momentum that is behind DD&BCF. We will strive to be the “shadow of God in Man” as we pursue our mission, Saving Lives by Fighting Cancer Together!

Fall Blast 2011

Dear Family and Friends,

Hope you are well and back into your fall schedules!

I would like to start off by apologizing for not reaching out to you sooner. This lands directly on my shoulders and I can only promise to do better in the future personally and as a Foundation.  DD&BCF is truly my passion but it is nothing without your support, volunteerism and generous donations.

Thanks to those donations, DD&BCF has been able to distribute charitable gifts in excess of $20,000.00 since our last update. We have supported several cancer patients within our community, a woman in upstate New York, and a gentleman in Florida.  We have more people who are battling cancer that we want to help in the coming months.  I would also like to thank Jack Ennis from the Patient Advocate Foundation for supporting our organization by having his case managers from across the country reach out to our Foundation for help.  Lastly, as we have reached out financially, I have been able to spend time on the phone, via email and in person with several cancer patients and their families helping them navigate their way through this terrible disease.  Your generosity and Foundation’s Mission have enabled this to happen.

DD&BCF has continued its community outreach in earnest over the past few months and I’m beyond excited to announce a few partnerships within the community that we expect to last a very long time.  As some of you know, DD&BCF participated in the Jetty Coquina Jam in August.  Jetty is rapidly becoming a strong force within the surf/skate industry.  It’s owned by Jeremy Defilippis and Cory Higgins.  I’ve known Jeremy and his family a long time and it’s not surprising to me at all that Jeremy and Cory make it a priority for Jetty to give back to their community.  The female surf contest was an incredible event, but most importantly, it enabled DD&BCF to donate over $7,500.00 to three local women at different stages of their breast cancer battles.  See you at Coquina 2012!

DD&BCF and Jetty have found a perfect match within our community to add to an already formidable team.  I’m very pleased to be participating in the 1st Annual “Crabbin’ for a Cure” with Mud City Crab House.  I’ve known co-owners Eric/Melanie Magaziner and Gina/Bob Nugent a very long time.  My sister (AKA: mookie) worked summers at Ship Bottom Shellfish with Bob, Gina and Eric.  This cause is extremely personal to Mel and Eric as Eric is a Survivor of neck lymphoma.  Some of you have seen a Facebook page created for this event (thanks to Melanie) and Jeremy and the Jetty design teams are putting the final touches on the logo.
The following information has been confirmed: 2 seatings at 5:30 and 8, auction will take place between 7-8 so both seatings can be present, $35.00 per ticket includes family style appetizers, soup or salad course, and a crab cake or non-seafood dinner, there will be a cash bar available of beer & wine, tickets will be on sale at Mud City starting Monday Oct. 17th, this is a family style seating event-try to fill a table of 4, 5, 7, 8, or 10!

I realized while typing this update that my next PETscan is scheduled for October 24th and my results will be given to me by Dr. Cognetti during my office visit on the morning of the “Crabbin for the Cure” event at Mud City on Tuesday November 1st. A reason to celebrate!!!

DD&BCF will be having the 2nd Annual LBI Summer Kick-off BBQ!
Please tentatively mark your calendars for June 16th and stay tuned for exciting news in our Winter Blast 2011 prior to the holidays.

The Foundation continues to evolve but our mission remains the constant:
“Saving Lives by Fighting Cancer Together”!


Gift Contribution Update

David's Dream and Believe Cancer Foundation

Dear Friends,

I hope this latest update finds you healthy, peaceful and enjoying the summer.

I asked my friend Sari McGovern to write a brief description of David’s Dream and Believe Cancer Foundation’s latest individual gift contribution experience. Sari and her daughter Mikaela took the ride with me to visit Liz, Becky and Angie. Sari and Mikaela are personal friends to this family and I thought it would be a better perspective for all of you to hear Sari describe the experience as opposed to me this time.

DD&BCF has once again made an incredible impact serving its mission statement and this time it was for a very important family in my life. Liz, Becky and Angie have had a rough (to say the least) year and a half. Becky who is starting high school was diagnosed with Leukemia November 2009. Angie (starting the 5th grade and one of Mikaela’s best friends from my preschool) is waiting for a diagnosis dealing with super high fevers for years. Liz the incredibly strong mom who is raising her 2 girls ALONE now has lost their home (through no fault of her own), been laid off (how do you keep a job while bringing your kids to the doctors all the time and having to be in the hospital for months at a time while your daughter is fighting for her life?) Liz has been dealing with MANY other obstacles along the way as well.  Both girls were students in my preschool.

David heard about my friends and knew his help and friendship was needed ASAP. We took a ride to North Arlington, NJ on June 16th. We surprised the family with a bouquet of flowers, 2 gift cards for the girls and a gift contribution for Liz. While delivering the gift contribution, David told the family that he was only the messenger and that 300+ individuals wanted them to feel the love, support and to know that there is always hope!!! I don’t know how to describe the feeling in my heart and stomach at this point of the night but it was one of the most incredible moments I have ever had.  The bond that David and Becky shared was immediate and so much more than the money. I think it was so mentally healing for Becky to have someone who understands exactly what she is going through. I hope Becky realizes that David will always be there for her to talk to whenever she needs – that is the type of person he is and I am so proud to say he is one of my very best friends in this world.  David, thank you for the amazing experience, thank you for helping people that are very dear to me, and thank you for fighting like hell to beat this horrible Cancer – I don’t know what I would’ve done without you in my life! You hold your head high my friend for you are making a great difference in this world!

Much Love and Admiration,
Sari McGovern

Thanks and love you Sari! As you can read above in Sari’s description – WE are truly making a difference!

Please continue to support or start supporting DD&BCF today because no donation is too small. Please visit our website at www.davidsdreamandbelieve.org to make a donation via paypal or send a check made payable to: DD&BCF, 28 Magnolia Road, Manahawkin, NJ 08050. ALL donations are tax-deductible.

Dream and Believe,
David C Caldarella
President and Founder
David’s Dream and Believe Cancer Foundation

Relay & BBQ Wrap-up

Dear Friends,

I want to take a few minutes of your time to provide you with an update on the very successful Manahawkin Relay for Life event and Saturday LBI BBQ.

Relay Wrap-Up:

The American Cancer Society is still tallying the final statistics but numbers will not change that drastically from today. I couldn’t be more proud of our teams and the outstanding accomplishments listed below.

  1. David’s Dream and Believers were the only team out of 66 teams to reach Jade Level. That is reserved for teams raising $10,000.00 or more.
  2. David’s Dream & Believers fundraised 10% of the total amount for the Relay. Don’t forget that is after DD&BCF split the donations with the American Cancer Society. The ACS local chapter – Manahawkin Relay for Life generated $105,000.00 as of 6/5/2011.
  3. David’s Dream & Believers comprised 10% of the participant total.   Manahawkin Relay for Life had 588 registered participants with DD&BCF being 60+ strong of that total and that does not include the 20+ children.
  4. David’s Dream & Believers were responsible for placing 7 individual fundraisers in the top 20 for the Manahawkin Relay for Life including the top spot overall.
  5. David’s Dream & Believers hung 17 business-sponsored banners around the track supporting DD&BCF and ACS.
  6. American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network or ACS CAN set a goal for the Manahawkin Relay to sign up 10 individuals to join the Cancer Action Network. David’s Dream & Believers signed up 12 new members.
  7. Lastly, we were the One and Only team to have a walker on the track for the entire duration of the Relay from 7pm until 6:30am. I was proud and honored to share that milestone with my brother Tim Hall. That was after he ran an 11-mile warm-up between midnight and 2am with our fellow team member Greg Wattis.

Saturday June 4th LBI Celebration BBQ:

The Saturday BBQ on LBI was fantastic. The positive vibe that surrounded the bbq could only be compared to the feeling I’ve gotten prior to a race. It was a tremendous celebration with family, friends and even some of my medical team. Dr. Cognetti and his wonderful family made the trek to LBI and I even got to do a lap with him on the track Friday night at the Relay. Dave Romanofski (Cell Block B guard) and radiation therapist was in attendance at the Relay with his wife Lora and Dave served as the “Grill Master for the entire BBQ! Guy Calcerano, Executive Director of Development at Kimmel Cancer Center, TJUH attended the Relay festivities and stayed to enjoy the BBQ. Ivette Giordano attended the bbq with her daughter Jenn. Ivette was my amazing nurse during my first kidney stone bout at SOCH.

Thank you to the volunteers that helped make the entire weekend an overwhelming success. Thank you to all our supporters and very generous donors who came from near and far (NJ, NY, PA, MD, VA, KY, NC, SC, FL, AZ, IL, CO, OR & TX). Lastly, Thank you for your continued support for DD&BCF!

The Foundation already has an individual recipient lined up for our next gift contribution. The gift contribution will be made next Thursday and more details to follow later next week. The Foundation is alive and kicking stronger than ever. We truly are “Saving Lives by Fighting Cancer Together!”

Dream and Believe,

Spring Update!

Image of Dr. David Cognetti & “Mr. Caldarella”, Nova vs. G-town January 29, 2011

Hello Everyone,

It has been a very busy couple of months and I wanted to take the opportunity to provide a few updates both personal and with regard to David’s Dream & Believe Cancer Foundation (DD&BCF).  In addition, I am including guidance for upcoming events in June to support DD&BCF.

Personal & Foundation Update

First and foremost, my most recent PETscan results were all clear!

As some of you know, I just returned from a brief trip back to Florida. To say it was just what the doctor ordered would be incredibly understating the importance of my time there. I want to specifically thank my Florida family (Arias, Bruno, Iervolino, Linden) as well as the Scatchard and Brustas family. You all made my return that much more special!

Also, I want to take this opportunity to update you on a few DD&BCF activities surrounding contributions made on behalf of the foundation. As previously blogged, the foundation has provided contributions to 11-year-old Molly Zahner battling osteosarcoma and 2 funds at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital (TJUH). The most recent contribution was given to 74-years young Rita Gold. Rita showed her support to me during my cancer battle with cards, prayers and love even though she had never met me. Rita was diagnosed with lung cancer this past January. I was able to surprise Rita with a contribution from the foundation to help out during her cancer battle thanks to the generosity of many of you over the past 6 months. Please visit our website and click on the tab Media for pictures of Molly, Rita and my donations to TJUH. You will also find thank you letters under the recognition tab from various TJUH staff.

Honorary Chair Person for 2011 American Cancer Society (ACS) – Relay for Life/Manahawkin

As all of you may know from past updates, I have been designated “Honorary Survivor Chairperson” for the 2011 American Cancer Society (ACS) – Relay for Life in Manahawkin”, NJ on June 3rd& 4th 2011.  I have been asked to provide a brief speech as part of the opening ceremonies to kick off the events on June 3rd at 7:00PM at the Southern Regional High School Track in Manahawkin, NJ.  This is a great honor and I look forward to sharing my thoughts on my experiences over the last year and motivation as a cancer survivor.

As an acknowledgement and appreciation, I have set up teams to participate in the Relay for Life under the David’s Dream & Believe name.  Please join me and the other team members in support of this very special event.  The ACS/Relay requires someone to be on the track for the entire event. My goal is to walk all 12 hours, and I would be so grateful if anyone considered joining me for even just a portion of the time. You will be signed up for the event by simply responding to this email by May 25th. Please list names of all participants. DD&BCF will then enter you on the designated teams.

Ways to Support DD&BCF without Walking

  1. We will all be wearing the DD&BCF T-shirts as a team for the ACS Relay for Life, but you can order a T-shirt and support the fundraising efforts for DD&BCF by providing a donation of $25.00 or more via our website through PayPal or via check sent to: 28 Magnolia Road, Manahawkin NJ 08050.  Please provide your shirt size.
  2. We have arranged for businesses and families to provide financial support and also gain recognition. You can purchase one of two different sized banners to support the teams walking in the Relay for Life event.  A 2’x5’ size for $100.00 or a 3’x6’ size for $150.00.  These banners will be displayed around the track and grounds the night of the event. Your family name, business name or business logo will proudly be displayed on the banner. After the event the banners will be provided back to the family or business to display at their location. We will also be adding a sponsorship page to our website where we will display your name, logo and link to your website for 1 year.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the ACS Relay for Life Event.

DD&BCF Celebration Barbecue

Regardless of whether you are participating in the ACS Relay for Life event or not,
Please join us for a BBQ at 13 Anderson Drive, Spray Beach NJ following the relay event on Saturday June 4th from 11-7 to welcome the summer and catch up with old friends. Please RSVP to this email by May 25th if you will be attending the BBQ and how many people.

I am so excited for all the great things that are happening as we approach the summer of 2011.  The board and I are meeting on a regular basis. I look forward to sharing with you additional updates and plans for the second half of 2011.

I look forward to seeing everyone soon.

Dream and Believe,

Walk with me and some friends June 3rd!

David's Dream and Believe Cancer Foundation- Relay for Life

Dear Friends,

I am thrilled & humbled to announce I have been designated “Honorary Survivor Chairperson” for the “2011 American Cancer Society (ACS) – Relay for Life/Manahawkin” (this June 3rd & 4th).   To kickoff the events on June 3rd at 7:00PM, I will deliver a brief speech at the opening ceremony (located at the Southern Regional High School Track in Manahawkin – NJ).

I am also extremely proud to announce that “David’s Dream & Believe Cancer Foundation” (DD&BCF) is raising funds in conjunction with this ACS event.  The local Manahawkin Relay is allowing DD&BCF to accept direct donations with the understanding that all funds raised will be split 50/50 with the Relay.  I/we are asking you to consider participating in one of 3 ways:

  1. Option 1 “Walk”:  Would love for you (your family, friends, co-workers, etc.) to join us in walking at the event.  As mentioned, the Relay kick off/survivor lap is 7:00 PM at the Southern Regional High School track in Manahawkin, NJ.  Your $25 donation made directly to DD&BCF will cover your Relay entry fee, a newly designed DD&BCF t-shirt, (email shirt size to info@davidsdreamandbelieve.org) and you will also get a DD&BCF wristband.  DD&BCF will supply campsite refreshments, snacks & entertainment. The beloved and adored “Sprinkles the Clown” will make another appearance between 6:00 PM and 9:00 PM.
  2. Option 2 “Give”:  We recognize that many already contribute to a number of worthwhile causes, but we are asking you to consider simply making a donation to DD&BCF at this time.  Again, all funds raised directly by DD&BCF will be split 50/50 with the Relay.
  3. Option 3 “Act”:  Since this is DD&BCF’s major fundraiser for 2011, we would love for you to get active and fundraise on our behalf.  We have many creative suggestions on how to do so, but always love hearing about new fun strategies that others come up with! DD&BCF fundraising forms are available on our web site at www.davidsdreamandbelieve.org (Fundraising Tab).  Prizes will be awarded to top fundraisers!

Lastly, the ACS/Relay requires someone to be on the track for the entire event. My goal is to walk all 12 hours, and I would be so grateful if anyone considered joining me for even just a portion of the time.  The Opening Ceremony, Survivors Lap & Luminaria Ceremony are all “must-see” events, & the idea behind the Relay is that “cancer never sleeps”.  Together we fought and DEFEATED Stage 4 Cancer – we were an ARMY that also didn’t sleep!  I believe that our faith, hope and love were the cornerstones of my victory, and we intend to bring that same spirit to this event!


Friday June 3rd

3PM Campsite Set-Up: David’s Dream & Believe Cancer Foundation will prep & set up campsite. The theme for the Relay is Mardis Gras.

5PM Survivor Dinner: I will be attending the survivor dinner with my parents.

7PM Opening Ceremony: Honorary Survivor Chairperson Speech & Survivor Lap David Caldarella speech during opening ceremonies & the ACS/Relay begins with a Survivors Lap.  This is an inspirational time when survivors are invited to circle the track together and help everyone celebrate the victories we’ve achieved over cancer. The Survivors Lap is an emotional expression of how Relay participants are creating a world with more birthdays – like those of each individual on the track.

10PM (Nightfall) Luminaria Ceremony: After dark, ACS/Relay honors people who have been touched by cancer and remember loved ones lost to the disease during the Luminaria Ceremony. Candles are lit inside bags filled with sand, each one bearing the name of a person touched by cancer, and participants often walk a lap in silence.

Please email us the name of someone touched by cancer, or lost loved one that you would like to honor during this ceremony.

11PM Fight Back Ceremony: Lastly, the Fight Back Ceremony is when we make a personal commitment to save lives by taking up the fight against cancer.

Saturday June 4th

6:30AM Closing Ceremony: Closing ceremony takes place at SRHS track.

Saturday afternoon DD&BCF “Post Relay LBI Beach BBQ” Exact location and time for the BBQ are still being determined, but please stay tuned for details. The Foundation will provide food and refreshments so please think about staying for the afternoon down on L.B.I.

Update on Giving

Dear Family and Friends,

DD&BCF would like to update you on the status of contributions from our initial kick-off party. We have 3 contributions scheduled for the month of March. I’ve been in close contact with Thomas Jefferson University Hospital representatives. Thanks to the generosity of many we’re able to make 2 gift donations to the “Quality of Life Fund” and the “Head and Neck Fund”. The Quality of Life Fund at the Kimmel Cancer Center helps those patients who need special services or financial assistance. Our gift to this fund would help to assure that others receive the same type of great care that I received. The Head and Neck Fund supports research in that area. Jefferson is committed to cutting edge research as well as world-class patient care. Our gift to this fund helps to launch promising new lines of inquiry and keep existing research projects going. The Foundation is pleased to donate to these 2 Jefferson Funds that serve our mission statement.

Our third gift donation will go directly to an individual in our community of friends. Molly is a 6th grader who has been battling osteosarcoma (bone cancer) most of her young life. She is one of 7 children and this has understandably taken a toll on the entire family. Thanks to the very generous donations from our initial event – Molly and her family will be a recipient from the Foundation. We Believe Molly!!!

Thank You,
David Christian Caldarella
President & Cancer Survivor
David’s Dream & Believe Cancer Foundation

Save the date – June 3-4 2011!!!

David's Dream and Believe Cancer Foundation- Relay for Life

Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone enjoyed the last blog. I had such a great time at the Villanova game in spite of the loss. However, I have to be honest and say there was a little part of me rooting for Dr. Cognetti’s Hoyas for just 1 game. I saw him for a follow-up this past week and he didn’t let me forget it.

The great news from this past week after seeing almost all of my doctors (Dr. Cognetti, Dr. Axelrod, Dr. Franklin) is that I continue to be cancer free. My Jefferson medical team are extremely happy with my progress. I have 3 more weeks of physical therapy and have finally hit the 150lb mark.

As you know from my last blog, I accepted an invitation to be the honorary survivor chairperson for the Manahawkin Relay For Life. The event takes place June 3rd and 4th.

My parents and I attended the Relay kick-off on Tuesday February 15th where I gave a brief speech. I will be giving another speech at the survivor dinner on June 3rd. The Relay begins at 7pm at the Southern Regional track in Manahawkin and ends at 7am June 4th. It’s my intention to walk for all 12 hours of the Relay.

I’m working on final details with the chairpersons for the Relay For Life, American Cancer Society & David’s Dream & Believe board of directors. However, I want you to reserve the dates now (June 3rd and 4th) because we will be creating a team. You’ve been by my side throughout my battle and I’m asking you to stand with me again. Actually, I’m asking you to walk with me, donate & fundraise. DD&BCF will set up a campsite with food, refreshments & various other fun activities.

Final details coming soon!

Dream & Believe,

Foundation Kickoff

David's Dream and Believe Cancer Foundation

David’s Dream & Believe Cancer Foundation kickoff party was a tremendous success, and a special thanks goes out to Joey’s Pizza & Pasta, Panzones Pizza & the Ship Bottom Volunteer Fire Department.