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Dear Friends,

I hope this latest update finds you healthy, peaceful and enjoying the summer.

I asked my friend Sari McGovern to write a brief description of David’s Dream and Believe Cancer Foundation’s latest individual gift contribution experience. Sari and her daughter Mikaela took the ride with me to visit Liz, Becky and Angie. Sari and Mikaela are personal friends to this family and I thought it would be a better perspective for all of you to hear Sari describe the experience as opposed to me this time.

DD&BCF has once again made an incredible impact serving its mission statement and this time it was for a very important family in my life. Liz, Becky and Angie have had a rough (to say the least) year and a half. Becky who is starting high school was diagnosed with Leukemia November 2009. Angie (starting the 5th grade and one of Mikaela’s best friends from my preschool) is waiting for a diagnosis dealing with super high fevers for years. Liz the incredibly strong mom who is raising her 2 girls ALONE now has lost their home (through no fault of her own), been laid off (how do you keep a job while bringing your kids to the doctors all the time and having to be in the hospital for months at a time while your daughter is fighting for her life?) Liz has been dealing with MANY other obstacles along the way as well.  Both girls were students in my preschool.

David heard about my friends and knew his help and friendship was needed ASAP. We took a ride to North Arlington, NJ on June 16th. We surprised the family with a bouquet of flowers, 2 gift cards for the girls and a gift contribution for Liz. While delivering the gift contribution, David told the family that he was only the messenger and that 300+ individuals wanted them to feel the love, support and to know that there is always hope!!! I don’t know how to describe the feeling in my heart and stomach at this point of the night but it was one of the most incredible moments I have ever had.  The bond that David and Becky shared was immediate and so much more than the money. I think it was so mentally healing for Becky to have someone who understands exactly what she is going through. I hope Becky realizes that David will always be there for her to talk to whenever she needs – that is the type of person he is and I am so proud to say he is one of my very best friends in this world.  David, thank you for the amazing experience, thank you for helping people that are very dear to me, and thank you for fighting like hell to beat this horrible Cancer – I don’t know what I would’ve done without you in my life! You hold your head high my friend for you are making a great difference in this world!

Much Love and Admiration,
Sari McGovern

Thanks and love you Sari! As you can read above in Sari’s description – WE are truly making a difference!

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Dream and Believe,
David C Caldarella
President and Founder
David’s Dream and Believe Cancer Foundation

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