Two Thousand Patients


In 2010, a small group of dedicated and compassionate friends joined together to create a vehicle for giving to pay forward the same kindness, generosity of spirit and love that I received during my own battle with stage IV head and neck cancer. David’s Dream & Believe Cancer Foundation was born and set out to provide support to 1-2 patients per year.

Yesterday, we reached yet another bittersweet milestone. We provided support to our Two Thousandth Patient with direct financial aid of nearly $1.9 Million Dollars! The numbers are staggering but we recognize there is an amazing patient with a story behind every number.

Landmark milestones such as reaching our TWO Thousand Patient are a time to celebrate, but also a time to renew our commitment to the David’s Dream & Believe mission of HOPE for patients and their families affected by this deadly disease. That is where you come in. Despite having reached a nearly $1.9 million dollar milestone of giving, we are seeing a continued avalanche of patient requests and your ongoing participation is as crucial now as it was when our journey began 10 years ago. We ask you to consider helping David’s Dream & Believe Cancer Foundation as a financial donor, dedicated sponsor, or Mission of Hope Giving Partner in 2021.

Please contact Co-Founder: David Caldarella or Vice Chair of Community Affairs: Danielle Corso to learn more:

David Caldarella




DDBCF Crisis Action Plan – COVID-19

Special Announcement: COVID-19 Impact on DDBCF Operations – PLEASE READ

March 23, 2020

Dear Patients, Donors, Volunteers & Friends of DDBCF,

Our mission at David’s Dream & Believe Cancer Foundation (DDBCF) has always been to serve as Beacons of Hope to those in darkness, and the entire DDBCF family HOPES that you and yours are healthy and safe during this global crisis.

Recognizing you are collectively concerned, stressed, tired & overloaded with information, we especially thank you for taking just a moment to learn how DDBCF has been impacted and is responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The bullets below help summarize the key updates of our crisis mode of operation – we have made these decisions in order to continue delivering on our mission for many years to come.

Crisis Mode of Operation – DDBCF Board of Directors approved the following measures: Friday 3/20/20

  • Staff: CEO David Caldarella moves to full time volunteer status with a temporary lay-off. Office Manager Michelle Phillip will be part-time working remotely from home responding to any urgent patient needs or questions.
  • Patient Grants: 51 current requests remain unanswered and new requests are currently frozen
  • Patient Programs & Activities: Temporarily suspended until further notice.
  • Events: April: Easter Pancake Breakfast & Lakewood Blueclaws – Cancelled. May: Summer Kick Off – Postponed. June: Cosimano Golf Classic – Cancelled & Run for Hope: TBD.

In closing, although these changes are painful and difficult, they are also TEMPORARY. With your friendship, the continued support of amazingly generous Planned Giving Partners, DDBCF will emerge as a stronger and even more brilliant BEACON OF HOPE for our patients and their families battling a cancer diagnosis.

As noted above, there are currently over 51 patients and their families currently suffering with critical needs – if you are able to provide any additional financial support at this time, please know that our current Crisis Mode will enable us to immediately pass 100% of every dollar directly to one of those patients. We thank each one of you for your past, present and future support.

God Bless you and your families!

Carmen Malatino
President & Co-Founder
David’s Dream & Believe Cancer Foundation

On Behalf of Board of Directors

Team Dream

Team Dream


Team Dream was established to invite athletes of all levels, of any sport with an opportunity to convert those miles into high impact fundraising events, to benefit patients and their families in NJ battling a cancer diagnosis. Rally up your friends and raise money, while you run, walk, ride or participate in any event that keeps you moving. You can create a team or participate on your own. With every mile, you will be making a difference.

You don’t have to participate in an athletic event to join Team Dream! You can also make a difference by creating an activity of your own and asking your family and friends to support you. Hold a birthday or anniversary fundraiser, a yard sale or lemonade stand, or just any event in honor of someone you love. There are countless ways to fundraise in support of those affected by a cancer diagnosis, and it’s so easy to start!


To become a virtual fundraiser as an athlete or through an activity. Click one of the buttons below to create your own personal fundraising page or create/join a team. And don’t forget to please share your personal fundraising page with your family, friends and supporters!

Become a SUPERHERO today! Please join Team Dream and positively impact the lives of patients and their families in New Jersey battling a cancer diagnosis!

Click on the Button below to DONATE!


David’s Dream & Believe Cancer Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that raises funds to provide financial assistance, support services and Hope to New Jersey families affected by a cancer diagnosis.

From 2011- 2020- we have provided $1,498,423.44 to 1,691 families affected by a cancer diagnosis, with countless more receiving support services and hope.

Tax ID# 27-3314182

Patient Testimonial | David’s Dream & Believe Cancer Foundation

The following Patient Testimonial comes from our friend Lee. This is a heartfelt and beautifully written testimonial that describes the struggle of a cancer patient as well as the eventual impact of financial and emotional support offered by David’s Dream & Believe Cancer Foundation. Thank you for sharing Lee!!!


“Dear David and Team,

My heart is filled with joy and appreciation. This week is the first one since July 2014 during which I have not had a medical test, operation, treatment or other medical procedure. I am so grateful to have emerged on the other side of my experience with cancer as well as I have.

From July of last year until this week, my life revolved around regaining my health. Some weeks I had my chemo treatment, others were filled with various tests, two operations, and most recently, I traveled three hours per day, five days a week for six weeks for my radiation treatment. It has been a long and challenging experience, as you know all too well.

Based upon my experience, I would share with anyone who hears those awful words from their doctor, “It’s cancer,” a few insights. First and foremost, everyone’s experience is uniquely their own. If they were interested, I would share that I felt I was punched in the face at least once a week for 10 months. Each week was another hurdle, another challenge, another “new normal.” Also, that “punch” may come in the form of test results, an additional treatment, physical pain, emotional challenges, or financial burdens. However, though I am scarred, poorer, and forever changed, I am also wiser, more appreciative, and grateful. . . very, very grateful.

The financial burden of cancer is one important and often overlooked part of this challenge. Though I have health insurance, the bills are awful. Unfortunately, I met my maximum out-of-pocket expense twice, once in 2014 and again in 2015. It is a lot of money. Though I could keep my head above water at the beginning, as the medical bills kept coming, it seemed like waves of water that kept coming, one after another. Though I’ve never asked for help before in my life, I realized that some relief, any relief, would help. I applied to several organizations for financial help and then waited, with fingers and toes crossed, for some help. Perhaps some organization could provide some help. Perhaps.

I remember the evening that you called me. I was sitting in my room, alone, searching the Internet for any organizations that could help me financially. Maybe some organization could pay one bill? My friends and I have helped raise money for many philanthropies throughout our lives. Now I needed some help. Who would help me when I needed it? When I answered the phone and you introduced yourself, I felt a weight was lifted. You understood my experiences, you understood my concerns. You know what it’s like to tackle, and beat, cancer to then face financial debt, a lot of debt.

Your generous offer to pay one of my bills filled my heart with such appreciation. That was one less obstacle I had to overcome. You made a difference, a tremendous difference. I am forever grateful that you, David and the entire team, work so hard to help me and others like me. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

With love, Lee”


Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!
Happy Holidays!

All of us at David’s Dream & Believe Cancer Foundation want to wish everyone Happy Holidays from our family to yours! We want to thank our tremendous donors, sponsors and volunteers who afford us the opportunity to offer Hope to our families.

Thank you to the parents & children from our youth service group “Generation Dream” who remind us: “Giving begins with the person in the mirror & together we can create a tidal wave of Kindness, Love and Hope!

A very special thanks to the patients and families that have touched our lives this year.  You inspire us on a daily basis by sharing your indomitable spirit with us on a daily basis and you continue to do more for us than we ever could do for you!


Project Dream

Project Dream
Project Dream

“Project Dream” is a Holiday Fundraiser created by our youth Director Kim Manzella and the children from our youth sub-group called Generation Dream! This Holiday Season, Generation Dream is focused on paying it forward and specifically to the patients and families living with cancer in our community. There are so many families right now that need our help and the goal of Project Dream is to make that happen with your support!

Generation Dream is asking you to give the Gift of Hope this Holiday season and they have made it very easy for you to do that.

You can write a check made payable to DDBCF, PO Box 1199, Manahawkin NJ 08050 and note Generation Dream on the check.

You can also visit our website at David’s Dream & Believe Cancer Foundation:

  1. Click on the Donate Tab
  2. Scroll down to option Donation Events
  3. Click on drop-down and choose Generation Dream
  4. Under NAME, you can write the name of a specific child from Generation Dream for who you are making a donation or simply leave blank.

“Only By Giving Can We Receive More Than We Already Have!”

Project Dream