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The following Patient Testimonial comes from our friend Lee. This is a heartfelt and beautifully written testimonial that describes the struggle of a cancer patient as well as the eventual impact of financial and emotional support offered by David’s Dream & Believe Cancer Foundation. Thank you for sharing Lee!!!


“Dear David and Team,

My heart is filled with joy and appreciation. This week is the first one since July 2014 during which I have not had a medical test, operation, treatment or other medical procedure. I am so grateful to have emerged on the other side of my experience with cancer as well as I have.

From July of last year until this week, my life revolved around regaining my health. Some weeks I had my chemo treatment, others were filled with various tests, two operations, and most recently, I traveled three hours per day, five days a week for six weeks for my radiation treatment. It has been a long and challenging experience, as you know all too well.

Based upon my experience, I would share with anyone who hears those awful words from their doctor, “It’s cancer,” a few insights. First and foremost, everyone’s experience is uniquely their own. If they were interested, I would share that I felt I was punched in the face at least once a week for 10 months. Each week was another hurdle, another challenge, another “new normal.” Also, that “punch” may come in the form of test results, an additional treatment, physical pain, emotional challenges, or financial burdens. However, though I am scarred, poorer, and forever changed, I am also wiser, more appreciative, and grateful. . . very, very grateful.

The financial burden of cancer is one important and often overlooked part of this challenge. Though I have health insurance, the bills are awful. Unfortunately, I met my maximum out-of-pocket expense twice, once in 2014 and again in 2015. It is a lot of money. Though I could keep my head above water at the beginning, as the medical bills kept coming, it seemed like waves of water that kept coming, one after another. Though I’ve never asked for help before in my life, I realized that some relief, any relief, would help. I applied to several organizations for financial help and then waited, with fingers and toes crossed, for some help. Perhaps some organization could provide some help. Perhaps.

I remember the evening that you called me. I was sitting in my room, alone, searching the Internet for any organizations that could help me financially. Maybe some organization could pay one bill? My friends and I have helped raise money for many philanthropies throughout our lives. Now I needed some help. Who would help me when I needed it? When I answered the phone and you introduced yourself, I felt a weight was lifted. You understood my experiences, you understood my concerns. You know what it’s like to tackle, and beat, cancer to then face financial debt, a lot of debt.

Your generous offer to pay one of my bills filled my heart with such appreciation. That was one less obstacle I had to overcome. You made a difference, a tremendous difference. I am forever grateful that you, David and the entire team, work so hard to help me and others like me. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

With love, Lee”


Informed Mortgage | March 2015 | Planned Giving | David’s Dream & Believe Cancer Foundation

We were informed at the beginning of 2015 about a very exciting new partnership with our friends at Informed Mortgage. Our hometown mortgage specialists committed to donate $25.00 to David’s Dream & Believe Cancer Foundation for every loan closed by their Manahawkin office!

The totals are in for March: David’s Dream & Believe Cancer Foundation will be receiving $1,825.00 from the team at Informed Mortgage. We must thank the amazing staff at Informed Mortgage for their personal investment in the mission of the Foundation and dedication to bring HOPE to our patients affected by a cancer diagnosis!

Please contact our friends at Informed Mortgage for all your Mortgage/Refi needs by calling them today at: (609) 597-0007.

Generation Dream

We were excited to hear that a small group from our youth group Generation Dream were busy last night hand-painting sea shells so they could accept donations today on behalf of David’s Dream & Believe Cancer Foundation. Cuade, Collin and Cuinnie shown in the picture below were busy outside of Peal Street Market in Beach Haven, NJ today raising awareness and donations to help our families battling a cancer diagnosis. Please keep an eye and ear out for our Generation Dream group which was created by one of our newest directors Kimberly Manzella! These kids are dedicated to Making A Difference in our community and world!

Generation Dream (Cuade, Collin & Cuinnie)
Generation Dream (Cuade, Collin & Cuinnie)

Generation Dream

The kids from our youth sub-group of David’s Dream & Believe Cancer Foundation called Generation Dream are going to be very busy this week! Generation Dream will have a tent at the LBI Foundation’s 8th Annual Barnegat Bay Day & Go Green Expo on Wednesday from 12-4pm. Generation Dream will have sign-up sheets to join our youth group and will also have eco-friendly beverage tumblers available for a small donation so please stop by to say hello! Thursday morning at 10am, the Generation Dream team travel to our friends at Jetty for a tour of the local surf company’s facilities and to watch their Generation Dream t-shirts being printed by the Jetty crew. On Saturday July 12th, it’s our DD&BCF Night at the Lakewood Blueclaws featuring Generation Dream. We are selling individual Blueclaws tickets for $10 and our combo package includes game ticket, bus ride, food & non-alcoholic beverage for $30. The 56 person bus will be leaving Ocean Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine Wellness Center (102 East Bay Avenue) promptly at 4:30pm and returning immediately after the game. Please contact us directly at: to reserve your tickets and seat on the bus today!


Generation Dream
Generation Dream

Reynolds to the Rescue!!!

A few weeks ago, we sent an urgent S.O.S. to our supporters asking for help with one of our patients struggling with the burdens of a cancer diagnosis from our local hospital Southern Ocean Medical Center.  That call was answered within 24 hours by our friends the Reynolds family who own Reynolds Garden Shop & Landscaping in Manahawkin. Our patient is on a very low fixed income per month and was due to unforeseen circumstances going to be without a place to live starting July 1st. David’s Dream & Believe Cancer Foundation was not going to let this happen and the Reynolds family partnered with us on this new mission. We also worked very closely with the nurse navigators at Southern Ocean Medical Center. The end result of meetings with the nurse navigators, multiple meetings with the Reynolds family usually at 5am, the use of a Reynolds box truck, Reynolds crew for a day and one of our directors assisting us last Saturday was our patient has a safe and comfortable home! This will give her time to focus on healing and allow her time to look for a more long-term living arrangement! We are blessed to work alongside so many amazing families and local businesses dedicated to serving our community. We could not have pulled off this major undertaking without the support from the Reynolds family!


Reynolds Garden Shop & Landscaping
Reynolds Garden Shop & Landscaping