Rocktoberfest Wrap-Up | Beach Haven Moose Riders | David’s Dream & Believe Cancer Foundation

Rocktoberfest 2015
Rocktoberfest 2015

Our friends at the Beach Haven Moose Riders hosted the 3rd Annual Rocktoberfest on Saturday October 19th to benefit David’s Dream & Believe Cancer Foundation. This event takes place at the Beach Haven NJ Moose Lodge 1575.

We formed a partnership with the Beach Haven Moose Riders 3 years ago at our Cruisin for a Cure motorcycle and classic car event. We had horrible weather that day with blowing winds, cold temperatures and sideways rain. However, the Beach Haven Moose Riders made the decision to ride no matter the conditions because they understood our patients affected by a cancer diagnosis needed their help and they were not going to let them down. They continue to “Ride” for our patients throughout the year and Rocktoberfest 2015 was a huge success. We look forward to working side by side with the amazing men and women from the Beach Haven Moose Riders for many years to come!

We want to thank our friends at The Dutchmans for providing authentic German food throughout the day.

Thank you to Ted Hammock, The 559 and Either Way for donating your time and incredible talents to our Live Music stage for this year’s Rocktoberfest. A special thanks to Shamrock and Thistle Pipes and Drums.

Thank you to our host venue and members from the Beach Haven NJ Moose Lodge 1575.

Thank you to all the auction donors and volunteers.

A special thanks to Wealth Management Group and our friend Doug Chapman for your support!

Lastly, thank you to everybody that joined us for a day filled with great food, beverages, incredible live music and most importantly we all joined together to help the patients of David’s Dream & Believe Cancer Foundation battling a cancer diagnosis. Thank you!





We were approached by some members of the Beach Haven Moose Riders last night while we were putting the finishing touches on an absolutely beautiful and amazing 2nd Annual Rocktoberfest! The sentiment was the same and it was one of shared disappointment with the final $ total. Our friends at the Beach Haven Moose Riders have set extremely lofty goals for themselves and their partnership with David’s Dream & Believe Cancer Foundation. Their lofty goals can only be matched by their enormous hearts! We informed our friends rather quickly that they’re making a HUGE impact in the lives of our families battling a cancer diagnosis! A tank of gas to and from the doctors/treatments can be a heavy burden for a family battling cancer! Rocktoberfest presented by our friends at the Beach Haven Moose Riders to benefit David’s Dream & Believe Cancer Foundation raised approx. $9,000.00 yesterday, which will not only provide gas cards for our families battling cancer but also: medical bill assistance, rent/mortgage assistance, utilities assistance, grocery gift cards & incidentals.

The physical and emotional toll on the cancer patient and their caregivers are relentless. However, it becomes even worse when you consider the financial burden of a cancer diagnosis.  A recent study in the Journal of Oncology Practice titled: Impact of Financial Burden of Cancer on Survivors’ Quality of Life?, concluded Increased financial burden as a result of cancer care costs is the strongest independent predictor of poor quality of life among cancer survivors! It’s clear that financial strain has a very powerful impact on a cancer patient’s perception of well-being. David’s Dream & Believe is only able to support our families battling a cancer diagnosis because of events like this one!

We could not be happier or more proud as an organization to partner with an amazing group of individuals dedicated to giving back to the community like our friends at the Beach Haven Moose Riders! We would also like to thank: Beach Haven Moose Lodge #175, The Dutchman’s Brauhaus, Shop Rite Manahawkin, Party Crashers, Wealth Management Group, The Wandering Gypsea, Fritz Electric, The 559, Wildcard and Generation Dream. Generation Dream is the youth sub-group of David’s Dream & Believe committed to supporting our families battling cancer and generating a ripple effect of kindness, hope & love!

Last but certainly not least, thank you to our incredible supporters who attend our events and make the decision time and time again to donate your hard earned money to assist our families battling cancer. This is a gesture that never goes unrecognized in our eyes and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!