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At 76 years old, I never thought that a cancer diagnosis would be something I would have to face, especially after becoming a widow in 2001 when my husband died of cancer. I didn’t think it could strike my family again, but it did. I faced the diagnosis just over a year after I retired, so the treatments, travel and miscellaneous expenses hit me hard financially. It was truly a blessing to encounter David’s Dream & Believe Cancer Foundation at a low point to help out where needed. Not only did it help financially, but emotionally as well, because it helped me to know that someone was out there, caring enough to lend a hand to someone who they didn’t know.  Not only that, but the students at Southern Regional Middle School dropped off cards and a care package for me.  These cards made me smile, laugh, and realize how much good there is in this world.  There are not enough words to say thank you for doing this.  I appreciate you and your whole organization.

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