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I decided to introduce David’s Dream & Believe Cancer Foundation to Southern Regional Middle School for many reasons.  Having worked with David for a few years now on outside events, I have gotten to know him personally and have become very passionate about DDBCF.  It was inspiring and amazing how much DDBCF has done for families in need, and I knew that I needed to be a part of this wonderful foundation.  The selflessness I saw from those who worked for DDBCF made me realize how important foundations like this one are to families and the community.

I knew immediately that the students of Southern Regional Middle School needed to experience what it felt like to help uplift someone with kind words and encouragement.  I also knew how important it was to stress the concept of empathy to middle school students.  Teaching students how to empathize at this age will only promote more empathy as they grow and become adults.

Being that the students here at SRMS are so kind and giving, I knew that our club would end up being quite popular, and our first year did not prove me wrong.  The Middle School David’s Dream & Believe students have been amazing, donating their time and efforts in all aspects just to hopefully make a cancer patient or a family smile.  I am not only proud of the students who have joined this amazing club, but I am also inspired by them.  Each and every student has far exceeded my expectations of how empathic a teenager can be, and I wholeheartedly look forward to seeing what they are capable of in the future.

Marissa Reynolds, Language Arts Teacher, Southern Regional Middle School

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