Reynolds Garden Shop, Nursery, Floral Market & Landscaping | Sponsor Spotlight | David’s Dream & Believe Cancer Foundation


We want to continue our “Shop Local” theme this weekend and use this Sunday Sponsor Spotlight to feature our dear friends at Reynolds Garden Shop, Nursery, Floral Market & Landscaping. We are putting the spotlight on businesses that have donated in excess of $10,000.00 in 2015 and have made a long-term commitment to support David’s Dream & Believe Cancer Foundation!

The Reynolds family have been ardent supporters of the Foundation since the early stages of DDBCF. In 2014, we were informed about a local patient battling cancer in Little Egg Harbor that was about to become homeless. The Reynolds family used all of their available resources including manpower, moving trucks and apartment to work with DDBCF to assist this patient.

In 2015, the Reynolds family, business and staff focused their primary attention on our Island Gala event at the Sea Shell Resort & Beach Club in Beach Haven, NJ on Friday August 14th. Our Directors Kim McCabe Manzella and Dani Corso worked together with the entire Reynolds team to make the 3rd Annual Island Gala the most succesful event in DDBCF history nearly doubling the donations from 2014! This was an incredible team effort including the Reynolds family (Peg, Mark, Katie, Tanek, Ashley, Luke, Ashley), Reynolds Staff, Jacquelyn Zeichner, John & Sophia Steber, Kim McCabe Manzella and Dani Corso. We would not be able to offer financial assistance, services and HOPE to almost 500 families without the support of families like the Reynolds, their business and amazing staff!

Please support the sponsors we spotlight that make giving to the families of DDBCF a priority of their business!

Thank you!

D Finelli Construction | Sponsor Spotlight | David’s Dream & Believe Cancer Foundation

D Finelli Construction

We are grateful for the partnerships forged with the local businesses in the community that share in our mission to bring Hope & Financial Assistance to families in our community affected by a cancer diagnosis. David’s Dream & Believe Cancer Foundation spotlights D Finelli Construction and the Finelli family for all their efforts & support over the past couple of years helping us achieve our mission! We asked Dave & Laurie Finelli to give us a few sentences of what it means to them to be involved with DDBCF. Here’s what they had to say and please support the local businesses that make it a priority and part of their own company’s mission to help the families of DDBCF.

“Like so many others, we have experienced first hand the struggles and suffering that so many beautiful people have and continue to go through. We have family members currently diagnosed. We’ve lost close relatives and best friends to the disease. Our hearts get filled with sorrow. But through faith, with sorrow comes joy.

We have been blessed to even participate in a small way to your amazing foundation that helps to restore that faith and hope. We are grateful for the opportunity of reaching the hearts and needs of very special people. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, the foundation and the friends and families of those lives that are being moved in a very special way. Keep pressing on. Keep your faith strong in knowing that through this sorrow, there will be joy.”

Dave & Laurie Finelli