Waves Of Hope

Waves of Hope will be a series of workshops offered throughout the year to provide emotional support to our families affected by a cancer diagnosis.

David’s Dream & Believe has always understood the importance of focusing on the well-being of our patients AND their families. This is one more exciting step we are taking to ensure the whole family is supported.

Service Arm Partner & Licensed Family Therapist Meghan Delaney will begin offering our first round of workshops to some of the most important members of our families: the children. It is important for children to feel safe through such a difficult time and our goal will be to provide a space to connect with other children with similar experiences. These weekly workshops will focus on Emotional Awareness during times of stress and transitions.

The group will cover topics through use of discussion, mindfulness, play, and art. The activities will be used as a tool to open up dialogue around their struggles, fears, and changes within their family dynamics due to a cancer diagnosis.

Two different age groups will be offered on Thursdays at The Union Market & Galley beginning on May 2:
6-12 year olds will be from 5:00pm – 6:30pm
12-17 year olds will be from 6:45pm – 8:15pm

Limited Space Available
Please RSVP to Danielle Corso
dani@davidsdreamandbelieve.org or call 609-489-0011

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