Courage = Strength in the Face of Pain!

The title of this blog refers to a piece of paper with that phrase written on it that was posted above my friend Rebecca’s hospital bed. I met Rebecca, her mom Liz and Sister Angie a couple of years ago through our mutual friend Sari McGovern. We bonded that first day and have stayed in touch ever since. She informed me about the scrabble with friend’s app for my phone that first night and we have played many games with Rebecca winning most of our matches. I related to Rebecca not being able to sleep and we often found ourselves in a friendly scrabble game at 2 or 4 in the morning. Also, I will never forget the many times that I received a text from Becca in the midst of her own nightmare taking the time to ask me, “How are you feeling?” She was in the midst of a living hell and was concerned about me! Liz informed Sari and I during our visit last week that Becca was posed the question, “Are you done fighting?” Her response was an emphatic NO! Becca epitomizes the STRENGTH and GRACE of a true cancer warrior! I want to personally thank those of you who sent birthday cards to Becca and a special thanks to Danielle Russo-Slugh for hand delivering an IPad to Becca at New York Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital for Becca’s 17th birthday on behalf of the Foundation. My friend Rebecca lost her incredibly brave battle with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia today. Save a scrabble game for me and watch over us Angel!!!


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