Donna O.

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Since my cancer diagnosis in March my whole life came to a halt. I had to start treatments right away and couldn’t work anymore. I’ve worked for 38 years and I have 4 daughters, two of which are teens still living at home. I am as single mother as their father passed away 7 years ago. I’ve always been on a budget and would work overtime and extra shifts for the unexpected expenses. Now I receive disability which is a fraction of what I was making. I have been in treatments now 7 months and still going. The treatments and side effects alone, along with bills & expenses, cause so much stress, anxiety and worries not just for me, but my girls as well. I don’t have many family or friends who can help, so I just want to say thank you! Your help truly made it a little easier and I am truly grateful for it. With my sincerest love, gratitude and thanks for your help, Donna

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