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I’m embarrassed to send you this card as late as it is. I’ve been having a problem with depression and pain. I should add in guilt. If anyone knew that I was depressed they would judge me because I should be grateful to be alive. I am grateful. I would never want to leave my family with the pain of my loss, or rather the pain of their loss. I have or had breast cancer. I don’t even feel comfortable saying either. Do I still have it or don’t I? I don’t feel comfortable saying I’m a survivor; am I now or not? I don’t like the term “Journey”, a journey to me is something you choose. I know some would argue that you choose to fight cancer and thus the journey. Cancer is not something you choose to have so I’m not choosing to have a journey. I’ve never been angry about having cancer, just in disbelief. All of a sudden in the middle of something I’d think I have cancer and still be in disbelief. I’ve never thought Why Me? Why not Me? Here I am complaining and you not only had stage IV cancer but you turned the experience into something positive to help others. Well I’m so happy you survived and hung in there and did what you needed to do. Thank you for helping me and everyone else who’s struggling.

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