Justine LaBatch, MA, LMFT

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It is an honor to be a behavioral health provider for David’s Dream & Believe Cancer Foundation. Since beginning my training and practice as a Marriage & Family Therapist and Art Therapist in 2002 in California, I have strived to help support adults, families and children to highlight and access their strengths as they navigate life’s challenges. As a practitioner at Justine LaBatch, LLC, I have found when a solution-focused model is utilized, clients feel empowered and supported. One of the benefits of my practice is that it is mobile. Beside offering well-appointed private therapy offices which includes art, sand tray and traditional talk therapy spaces I am also able to bring my mobile art therapy office to patients and families with challenges attending our private practice.Through strength-based modalities the practice aims to enable our families to gain trust and success in their relationships. Individual, parent-child and family art therapy helps to increase self esteem, positive family communications and resiliency as well as foster greater emotional intimacy. Researchers have found clients develop empowerment by receiving affirmation from others, by constructing a positive sense of self, by developing their own goals, and by co-constructing solutions to their problems. I believe that a positive approach to challenges brought up in therapy, as well as all aspects of life, is the most effective way to treat ailments of the mind, spirit, body and relationships. As a result, our practice goals and objectives mesh well with the David’s Dream Foundation both emphasizing focusing on the preferred outcome with support, respect and care through positive visualization.

Justine LaBatch, MA, LMFT

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