Ellie Lomauro

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I knew the moment I met David Caldarella and some of his board members, that I wanted to be a part of David’s Dream & Believe Cancer Foundation. Having recently been through chemotherapy, I knew how important exercise had been in my recovery and I realized that it should be available to everyone going through treatment. I decided to become certified as a cancer exercise specialist so that I could help other people during their treatment and after surgeries.

It can be a long road to recovery, but the amazing thing is that nobody must walk that road alone. As a cancer exercise specialist, I will be able to help patients to: regain strength, mobility, help prevent lymph edema, improve functional ability & quality of life, enhance energy levels, decrease stress & anxiety, and alleviate pain & swelling.

Every time I attend DDBCF functions, I am in awe of the generosity of the people involved. Many offer financial support while others give the most precious commodity of volunteering their time. It is heartwarming and gratifying to be among such amazing people and I am looking forward to the opportunity to lend any support that I can.

David’s Dream & Believe Cancer Foundation
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