Aimee Peirce

Aimee Peirce

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My name is Aimee Peirce, I currently live in Deptford NJ with my husband Rich, and our kids, Mark (11) and Darren (9). I am a registered nurse at Jefferson University Hospital for the last 16 years with the Otolaryngology group as an Operating room nurse supervisor. In my free time you can find me on the beaches of LBI and living the dream with my wonderful boys.

In 1996, my mother was diagnosed with head and neck cancer, I was only 19 years old. She was a single parent of 3 children, myself being the youngest. At that time I was away at college and had a decision to make. Stay at college or go home and take care of my mom? I chose to put my life on hold and take care of my mother. I paused my college pathway and went back to work full-time and school part time at a community college to help in anyway I could. It was the least I could do for a woman who was scared and entering a world she was not familiar with. Shortly before my mother passed I decided to change pathways and go into nursing. My mother passed September 25, 1998. In 2000, I entered nursing school and the rest is history. You could say she guided me as she always did in the right direction. Here I am 16 years later working in the same cancer area to the cancer she had, head and neck cancer. We found each other again. Each and every day I get to witness the remarkable work of these surgeons.

Facing these difficult decisions in my younger years has truly shaped me into who I am today. Working with these amazing surgeons every single day, made me realize I needed more, I needed to be part of the bigger picture. I had the opportunity to attend a David’s Dream and Believe Cancer Foundation function in 2017 with Dr. Cognetti who was awarded their Beacon of Hope Award. Since then, I knew this is what I needed to be part of.

It will be an honor to serve as a patient advocate and to be part of an amazing foundation and team. I am ready to help others, one hand, hug, or phone call away at a time.

Aimee Peirce

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