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We found out about David’s Dream and Believe when David reached out to us to arrange for a deep cleaning of a home in preparation for a boy to return home after his long and extensive cancer treatment. We were delighted to help. Fast forward a few years later, I was diagnosed, and now I am a survivor of throat cancer. Now that I have been through surgery, chemo, and radiation treatments, I understand how priorities change and how much little things you currently appreciate.

Below is our mission statement, which was written many years before my diagnosis. As I read, it is interesting that it mentions dreams as the last word, and we are always trying to have a positive impact on the community. Our service says cleaning and restoration, but we help solve problems and help make people happy so they can enjoy their precious family time here in LBI.


It is the mission of Stretch Cleaning and Restoration to have a positive impact on the lives of our families, customers, and our community, as well as our employees while helping them to reach their dreams.

Donating to David’s Dream and Believe is our way to have a positive impact in our community and to cheer David on with his outstanding efforts of making a difference one Believer at a time.

Kevin and Viktoriya Stretch


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Stretch Cleaning & Restoration

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