Million Dollar Milestone: Reflections from DDBCF Co-Founders Tim Hall & Carmen Malatino

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In 2010, our lifelong friend and “brother” David Caldarella entered the fight of his life. The diagnosis was cancer and the battle would be fierce. HOPE never failed, but there was a very good chance all would be lost, and that David would become another familiar and grim cancer statistic.

Several months into his horrific fight that summer, David envisioned a new mission for his life. The vision was to create a non-profit organization, dedicated to paying forward the kindness, support and HOPE that had been offered to him during his battle. David shared his vision with us, asking if we would be interested in participating, and a few months later (still a long way from receiving an “all clear” report from his surgeon), David placed his signature on the formal 501c3 charter for David’s Dream & Believe Cancer Foundation (DDBCF)!

Officially kicking off in 2011, DDBCF would emerge as what seemed, even to us co-founders, a rather typical non-profit organization…a small group of decent people who volunteer time to help a cause. Almost immediately however, it became clear that the self-described “little engine that could” possessed a unique factor. We refer to this as the “David Factor.” The David Factor is something intangible but very real. The David Factor represents the explosively magnetic attraction that people have always had for our kind, humble, funny, passionate, strong and amazingly selfless friend David Caldarella. If you have not met David, find a way to meet him – the world is a much better place because of him.

Finally, the David Factor is the reason why we are astonished and humbled to report that DDBCF has been able to help over a thousand patients with more than one million dollars in generously donated financial aid and HOPE. A million dollars is easy to spend, and HOPE is a lifesaving treasure.

On behalf of DDBCF, we wish to sincerely thank the army of people involved with making DDBCF the incredibly successful non-profit organization that it is today. To our past and present board members, partners, event volunteers, supporters, generous donors and our patients – we are blessed to know you and remain driven to serve you and your families into the New Year.

Tim Hall & Carmen Malatino
DDBCF Co-Founders

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