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As we approach the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, I want to take a minute to update all of our supporters and thank you! We set out on a mission 3 years ago to assist families dealing with the financial burden that comes with a cancer diagnosis. We thought it would be awesome if we could assist 1 or 2 families a year. In our first full year of existence in 2011 we were able to assist 20 families and last year we were able to assist another 50 families. 2013 has another 51 days left but so far this year we have been able to support over 102 families. This number of families hit us between the eyes and went straight to our heart. The families were not 1 or 2 but 102! You can ask any of our families that we have cared for this year or since our existence and I think you would find we not only offered them financial assistance or transportation but in some if not all of our families the emotional support that helped them during their most difficult battle with this disease.

None of this would be possible without the tremendous support of so many. To the past and current board of directors that gallantly serve the mission of the Foundation every day – thank you! To our extremely generous sponsors that support our events – thank you! To our amazing guests and attendees at our events – thank you! To all those individuals and businesses that donate wonderful auction items for our events – thank you! To the most incredible volunteers in the world – thank you! To each and every person that shares our mission through your social media – thank you! To children like Tyler Quinn from Barnegat, Hadley Magaziner from Manahawkin & Anna Burnett from LBI and to the most remarkable 3rd and 4th grade children from McKinley Avenue Elementary School – thank you!

Most importantly, thank you to our patients for inspiring us each and every day. Your personal strength, courage and grace are a true testament of your survivor spirit. In the dictionary, Survivor is defined as: 1. To remain alive or in existence. 2. To carry on despite hardships or trauma; persevere. Our patients and caregivers show us examples on a daily basis what it means to fight to remain alive despite hardships or trauma. True Survivors in every sense of the word! Our patients and families also know through David’s Dream & Believe Cancer Foundation that people care, love and are offering them hope!

Our President Tim Hall & Vice President Melanie Magaziner will offer a year-end review for everybody around Christmas. For now, I want to give thanks for the growing number of Dreamers that Believe “We Can Make A Difference!” YOU are Making A Difference in the lives of so many. I would ask that you share this blog or post with your family, friends or business because YOU have made the impossible – possible!

I thank you with all of my heart and soul!




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