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A Beacon of Hope
A Beacon of Hope

A new feature on our Facebook page for David’s Dream & Believe Cancer Foundation is our Tuesday Testimonials. This affords our patients, caregivers and medical personnel the opportunity to express themselves and to let everybody know what DDBCF has meant to them.

We were introduced to the Gilooly family by a very dear mutual friend Kristin, who asked if the Foundation could come to the aide of this family. Here is what the Gilooly family wrote to us about their personal experience with DDBCF.

“When I first got diagnosed with Cancer in the head and neck area, myself and my family felt not only scared of the unknown but alone in the sense that we felt no one really understood what we’re we’re going through.  I was directed by a close friend of David’s, to read his story/testimony and I was blown away how close it was to our story.  We both shared the same exact diagnosis and immediately we felt we weren’t so alone.  David helped my family and I resolve one of my hospital bills and it was not only timely but so appreciated.  We are so grateful for this foundation and have a ton respect for David and his relentless dedication to it.  David started working on this foundation when he was still going through treatment and knowing how I felt at that time, I can’t imagine.  David is a special man and he is truly doing God’s work!  Thank you for helping our family David.”

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