Cecily Lovas

Cecily Lovas

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While attending college my sophomore year I started getting really bad headaches that I assumed meant I had a sinus infection but after 2 rounds of antibiotics with no relief, I went to the ER. They quickly found a tumor and rushed me to UPenn for surgery a few days later. After just a couple of weeks, we found out it was cancer. I was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma, a rare pediatric brain cancer. Fast forward nearly 2 years later, I have had 2 relapses and am still fighting. I have had quite a few surgeries including my brain surgery, port placements and removals, g-tube placements, and an Amaya placement. I have been through 30 radiation treatments, a stem cell transplant, and countless chemotherapies, systemically, orally, and intrathecally. Right now, the intrathecal chemo seems to be doing the trick for me.

David’s Dream and Believe has been such a blessing in my family’s life since my diagnosis. We have made lifelong friends with so many people assisting us along our journey, providing all of us with others to confide in that understand what we are going through. David has also introduced me to my physical therapist and exercise specialist that has completely changed the way I go through treatment. I am so excited and honored to help others the way so many have helped me.

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