2013 Overview and Accomplishments

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In October, I had the chance to meet many of the supporters behind David’s Dream and Believe Cancer Foundation at Crabbin’ for a Cure.  What a humbling experience to see how big the hearts are of so many people that have joined us in Saving Lives by Fighting Cancer Together.  Reflecting with this group, I had the opportunity to share my initial thoughts from the time period when David, several friends and I started the Foundation.   This was back in 2010.  These thoughts were that we might raise $10,000 to $15,000 a year and help a handful of people each year.  I also shared that David had vision way beyond my myopic view.  David was Dreaming and Believing and he saw the hundreds of people that might share in our vision of helping people fight their battle.  Because of David’s vision, DDBCF has supported well over 200 patients and their families over the past 3 years.  Behind each person served are supporters like those of you reading this now – people who have a strong desire to help plant seeds of Faith, Hope and Love in the midst of these individual battles.  The directors of the Foundation are all blessed by what you have enabled this Foundation to do.  We often hear, first-hand from David, about how the Foundation’s support to patients and families kindles a spark of Hope and fuels a fire of Faith.  Hope and Faith are so important in the darkest days of the fight.  These essentials both become magnified when the graciousness of DDBCF contributors makes it way to patients and families in need.  Furthermore, the personalized support and attention David delivers with the financial assistance amplifies the impact of your giving spirit.  With Thanks and enthusiasm for where we have come and where we will go, we wish you a Happy New Year.  Please take a minute to look back on 2013 with us in the attached summary.  We hope that you will continue to join us as we DREAM and BELIEVE!  

Tim Hall, President

2013 Dream and Believe Accomplishments
2013 Dream and Believe Accomplishments



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