Sarah E. CampbellDirector

Sarah Campbell lives in Ocean County, New Jersey with her husband Bryan and their two daughters, Chloe and Emma. When Sarah was eight years old, her sister was diagnosed with Leukemia. From this young age, Sarah quickly learned what cancer was, and the diverse, far-reaching effects cancer can have on the patient and all those connected to the patient. These early experiences, influenced her life in significant ways; igniting the fire and desire within her to serve, support and to become a beacon of HOPE for those affected by cancer. Sarah’s collective life experiences led her to pursue a career in counseling, where she focused some of her studies on the impact of childhood cancer on the sibling. Today, inspired by her heart to advocate, empower and support growth and healthy relationships, Sarah provides counseling and consulting services through her business, Changing Waves Consulting. The opportunity to live out the mission of David’s Dream & Believe Cancer Foundation through her service on the Board of Directors is an honor and privilege, which Sarah holds with the highest regard.


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