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“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” ~Pablo Picasso.

The process of making art holds healing, empowering, and strengthening powers. Creating within a group fosters an inner solace and is comforting in knowing you are not alone with your feelings and emotions. We believe in the power of art. We are passionate about cultivating healthy mindsets for positive living, and excited for this opportunity to bring our love of art to David’s Dream & Believe Cancer Foundation.

The Lotus Project offers art wellness workshops to families and friends loving someone struggling with addiction and pioneered “Series of Self” with fellow Service Arm Partner, Meghan Delaney and LBI Community Yoga to guide mindfulness for people struggling with their mental wellness. We are humbled, honored and excited for our newest journey as a Service Arm Partner and will cater our art wellness workshops to families affected by a cancer diagnosis.

The Lotus Project
Manahawkin, NJ
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David’s Dream & Believe Cancer Foundation
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