Staying Afloat

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Floatation Therapy is a growing practice where you lay in a tank that holds 94.5 degree water holding about 1000 pounds of pharmaceutical grade Epsom Salt. The water is as dense as the Dead Sea; your body is buoyant, meaning you can effortlessly float.

Floating is a growing industry and new benefits are being introduced often. For instance, floating has been proven to improve mental and physical stress relief such as reduce chronic pain, fatigue, high blood pressure, anxiety, migraine headaches, and even depression. This relief is especially beneficial for individuals suffering from cancer as it requires zero energy.

Many cancer treatments are notorious for pain and they can find immense relief in the tank.  Our clients feel as if they are truly weightless as they drift off.  Chronic pain from a medical condition need not hold you back!  Another surprising benefit from floating is the high concentration of magnesium in Epsom salts. Many chemotherapy drugs can sap the body of magnesium – an essential mineral for nutrition. Floating in a tank filled with magnesium-rich salt is an easy way to replenish the body with this important element.

Our float tanks are provided by the awesome folks over at Pro Float Inc. The tanks are a roomie 8 1/2 ft long by 4 1/2 ft wide and standing at 7 ft tall.  While Floating, you can listen to music from your own personal device or one provided by us, as well as the option of Floating with or without a light on.  You are in complete control of the environment during your float.

Staying Afloat
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