It is with great excitement that Liquid Bliss Yoga partners with David’s Dream & Believe to bring Yoga for Cancer Recovery to the community. David’s Dream & Believe is a beacon of light and hope for cancer patients and their families. A light of hope that continues to shine brighter and stronger.  Fueled by personal experience and passion, David’s Dream & Believe’s mission is to inspire, heal, and support cancer patients. As a partner with David’s Dream and Believe, we seek to fulfill this mission and further the growth of hope and light, offering yoga as a wellness tool for accessing the body’s capacity to heal itself.  By harnessing the power of breathing practices, meditation techniques, and physical poses this becomes possible.  Yoga for Cancer recovery is specifically for patients who are in the process of regaining general health and well-being.  This program will help restore physical functioning, cope with fatigue and tightness, relax your body, still the mind, and reconnect with your spirit.  Although still gentle in style, this program is designed to provide a fulfilling yoga experience while also transferring skills and techniques to support self-managed yoga practice.  


Audre Lorde once said, “Only by learning to live in harmony with your contradictions can you keep it all afloat.” A cancer diagnosis brings imbalance to a person’s physical, emotional and spiritual being. It can cause disharmony with one’s self, family, friends and work. We can never fully prepare for this experience; but we can be ready to address it in every way possible. Chinese Medicine has been shown to support the body’s immune and circulatory systems, strengthen the digest tract, promote restorative sleep, decrease pain and manage stress levels. It is an empowering adjunctive therapy to facilitate the body’s own natural healing potentials. When you are going through chemotherapy or radiation, it can keep your body strong so you can get through your treatments and have less adverse side effects. We are advocates for your health and are here to help you in your journey. One can restore balance even while having cancer when we have the love and support of community. A special thank you to DDBCF for allowing us this opportunity.


Body in Mind Massage Institute is honored to partner with David’s Dream and Believe Cancer Foundation to bring Massage for Cancer Recovery to our community. Cancer does not have to define us or our lives. The healing power of touch can help us take control of the “dis-ease.” The benefits of touch can facilitate the healing process. Massage for relief from cancer symptoms requires medical clearance, is gentle, no deep work will be done, and is offered only by Licensed Massage Therapists specifically trained, and at least 48 hours after chemotherapy treatments. Cancer Massage provides relaxation, stress reduction, comfort, helps begin the healing process, improves quality of life, minimizes chemotherapy and radiation side effects, relieves pain and edema, restores vital energy, helps reduce fatigue, promotes removal of toxins, increases oxygen/blood flow/circulation, boosts the immune system, reduces scar tissue, increases range or motion and mobility, stimulates all the body systems towards healing, helps improve body image and overall confidence in the healing process, provides a safe space to relax, let go and re-balance. The healing power of compassionate touch reaches more than the physical body. It is a sharing of “life force” energy — a vehicle for rejuvenation, which serves to reconnect body, mind and spirit. Body in Mind Massage Institute, looks forward to helping people on their healing journey and is thrilled to be on the David’s Dream and Believe team. Namaste’ ~ Mary Adams

Coastal Massage Therapy

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and owner of Coastal Massage Therapy with 15 years of experience in therapeutic massage. I’m the daughter of a chiropractor and grew up in a household in which health and wellness were a huge priority. Massage therapy is a passion of mine and I truly feel on many levels like it is what I was born to do.

Shortly after graduating from massage school in 2001, I lost my father to cancer. Having witnessed first-hand how devastating a cancer diagnosis can be to a family, it is deeply personal for me to be involved with this foundation. I feel privileged to serve and stand alongside those whose lives have been affected in some way by this disease.

Massage can be an extremely beneficial tool throughout the cancer journey while helping to restore feelings of peace and contentment. We feel very fortunate to be a small part of this foundation.

Living Acupuncture & Healing Arts Center

At Living Acupuncture and Healing Arts Center LLC, we strive to provide our patients with a natural, effective approach to treating the root cause of their ailment. Our practice promotes holistic healing from within while encouraging stress reduction in a safe and gentle environment. We take the whole person into consideration while we help them through the process of healing, whether it is mind, body, or spirit using acupuncture, Eastern nutrition, and Qi Gong where needed.

It is an honor and privilege to work with David’s Dream and Believe Cancer Foundation. By partnering with this incredible organization, we are able to further our collaborative mission to bring treatment and relief to those affected by a cancer diagnosis.  Being able to contribute to such a tremendous movement is what really brings a deeper meaning to the authenticity of David’s organization. We are so thankful to be able to be a part of something so pure and real.

Justine LaBatch, MA, LMFT

It is an honor to be a behavioral health provider for David’s Dream Foundation. Since beginning my training and practice as a Marriage & Family Therapist and Art Therapist in 2002 in California, I have strived to help support adults, families and children to highlight and access their strengths as they navigate life’s challenges. As a practitioner at Justine LaBatch, LLC I have found when a solution-focused model is utilized, clients feel empowered and supported. One of the benefits of my practice is that it is mobile. Beside offering well-appointed private therapy offices which includes art, sand tray and traditional talk therapy spaces I am also able to bring my mobile art therapy office to patients and families with challenges attending our private practice.Through strength-based modalities the practice aims to enable our families to gain trust and success in their relationships. Individual, parent-child and family art therapy helps to increase self esteem, positive family communications and resiliency as well as foster greater emotional intimacy. Researchers have found clients develop empowerment by receiving affirmation from others, by constructing a positive sense of self, by developing their own goals, and by co-constructing solutions to their problems. I believe that a positive approach to challenges brought up in therapy, as well as all aspects of life, is the most effective way to treat ailments of the mind, spirit, body and relationships. As a result, our practice goals and objectives mesh well with the David’s Dream Foundation both emphasizing focusing on the preferred outcome with support, respect and care through positive visualization.

Suzanne Seniscalchi Nutritionist/Dietitian, MS, RDN, CDE

Seeds for Success Nutrition Counseling
Suzanne L. Seniscalchi MS, RDN, CDE
“Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food”- Hippocrates

A cancer diagnosis can bring about a scary time filled with many questions, some of which may be about nutrition and diet. “What can I eat if I don’t have much of an appetite?” ” What is the best diet to fight cancer?” “Is it ok to eat sugar?” These are just a few of the many questions I have been asked while helping patients as well as by my own family members faced with a cancer diagnosis. While diet alone may not be able to cure cancer, I do believe that it plays a vital role in cancer treatment and prevention.
I feel deeply honored and excited to serve as a partner with David’s Dream and Believe Cancer Foundation to provide nutrition counseling services to oncology patients. I will help guide patients through evidence based guidelines and help them find a nutrition plan that will work for them based on their beliefs and lifestyle.

The Learning Experience®

The Learning Experience of Manahawkin is a family centered organization with
strong ties to our local community. We are thrilled to partner with David’s Dream
and Believe Cancer Foundation to offer childcare to families battling cancer. We
believe that these families should be surrounded with love and support. Parents
dealing with cancer should not have to worry about leaving their child during
treatment. They will be loved and cared for in a positive learning environment at
our school. David’s Dream and Believe Cancer Foundation does incredible work
throughout our community and it is an honor and privilege to work with them.

To positively impact every person’s life through motivation, education and leading by example. We will help you get in the best shape of your life by introducing fitness as a lifestyle. Our experienced coaches, not only guide you through your workouts, they make it fun and keep you wanting more. You will never view fitness the same way!


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