Candace Platt

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My name is Candace Platt and I grew up in Cedar Run, NJ and graduated from Southern Regional High School in 2007. I am a mother of two young girls; CaiLee, 5 and Cara, 1. In early September of 2015 my husband, Jared, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Ewing’s Sarcoma. Jared was a wrestling coach who had touched hundreds of families throughout his career by not only teaching their children wrestling, but by being a guiding light of positivity to so many. Jared was given limited options when he was diagnosed and sadly lost his battle with cancer less than 6 months later, in January of 2016.

While my husband was sick, my family received tremendous support from our family, friends, wrestling families, and even complete strangers. The support from the community around us was overwhelming and gave me the hope we needed to make it through each and every day. People rallied to raise money so I didn’t have to work, did our laundry, connected us with various medical professionals, cooked us meals, and helped take care of our children. It was truly a reminder that there are still so many amazing people in a world where it becomes so easy to be overcome by negativity.

Since my husband has passed away I have spent so much time reflecting on everything that has happened in our lives in such a short period of time. I’ve spent a lot of time on the fence with whether or not I wanted anything cancer-related to be a part of my future. The way I see it, I have one of two options going forward. I can either try and block out my past and try to forget about what cancer did to my family, or I can use what I have learned bring hope, support, positivity, and knowledge to families facing similar battles.

I am honored and looking forward to my new journey with David’s Dream and Believe Cancer Foundation as a Director of Patient Advocacy.

David’s Dream & Believe Cancer Foundation
364 North Main Street, Suite 10D
Manahawkin, NJ 08050
(609) 489-0011