Health Success Center

Health Success Center

I have been a wellness educator for over 35 years. My wife Bonnie Sue & I work together as a TEAM. We were both born and raised in Bergen County, NJ, and spent every summer at the Jersey Shore since we were children. It was always a passion for the both of us to live close to the beach so in December 1999 we moved to South Jersey where we also started our family. We both fell in love with the community we live in and we also believe in giving back to our community which is why we support a local organization such as David’s Dream & Believe Cancer Foundation.

We are deeply passionate about spreading the message about electrolyzed restructured water (ERW) and the many benefits this technology provides. We have been sharing these Ionizers with family, friends, and everyone we have met since December 2010. This Technology is approved as a type II medical device in Japan where it is manufactured. It is currently being used in over 300 Japanese hospitals. The water produced by this technology has 3 unique benefits.
1. An immensely powerful antioxidant to help neutralize the oxidative stress in your body. The antioxidants produced by this technology are more powerful than any vitamin supplement, fruit, or vegetable although we highly recommend consuming as many fruits and vegetables as you can, this is in addition to that.
2. It produces 7 different pH levels which have many different applications and benefits. However, most people drink the 9.5 pH water.
3. The third benefit is this water is super hydrating to the body. It will penetrate the brain-blood barrier in 60 seconds or less and your skin within 10 minutes. These three properties are all produced with electricity and electrodes.
If anyone would like to try one for a few weeks, we will loan you one of our ionizers at no cost or obligation.

To learn more about this technology please visit our website at

Change Your Water Change Your Life

Your Health Success Consultant,
Rick & Bonnie Sue Ercolano
Rick’s Cell – 201-615-0152
Bonnie Sue’s cell – 201-615-6122
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Health Success Center

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