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I was born and raised in a small town on the Jersey Shore. Surrounded by loving family and close friends, my childhood was filled with football games in the front yard, trips to Island Beach State Park, and of course, hanging out at the mall. It was indeed your typical New Jersey youth of the 80s. Life got very interesting when I enrolled at Rowan University in 1995. It was there that I finally met the girl of my dreams, Lauren Burns. What started as a close friendship, soon blossomed into a lifelong commitment of love! In 2000, I proposed to her on Cadillac Mountain in Maine. Fast forward to 2002 and we are blessed with our first daughter, Emily. She was soon followed in 2003 by her amazing brother, Will. It wasn’t until 12 years later that our second daughter, Samantha, came into our lives. Unfortunately, with this little miracle came my wife’s Stage 4 Stomach Cancer diagnosis. In fact, were it not for Samantha, the disease would likely have gone undetected for a much longer period of time. With only a few days to process this horrifying reality, and with Samantha in utero, Lauren bravely faced the first of many cancer treatments. She had her tumor-laden ovaries removed along with other masses that had spread throughout her body. It’s been almost a year since the diagnosis and I am still struggling to wrap my head around it all. There has been plenty of grief, fear, and at times pure anger. But the diagnosis wasn’t the only thing that totally blindsided us. We were immediately met with an immeasurable outpouring of love and support. The entire community, including friends, family, and even strangers, brought us comfort when I didn’t think it possible. One of those strangers was David Caldarella. There we were, prepared to face this battle on our own, only to find that we had an army. An army of Hope. Leading the charge was David and David’s Dream & Believe Foundation. Through the foundation we were provided with piece of mind through financial assistance. But more importantly, we received the moral support of a man who knows the right questions to ask, who knows how to listen, and who is always a phone call away. We gained a friend who has been there himself. This has proven to be invaluable. I continue to learn how to juggle my caregiver duties while raising my three children and holding down a full time job. I’m certainly no expert, but I look forward to sharing my experiences and assisting others in any way that I can.

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